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PM’s statement ahead of Budget Session of Parliament

PM’s statement ahead of Budget Session of Parliament

The 2017 Budget Session of Parliament gets underway today. The President’s Address to the Parliament, Budget and detailed discussion on several issues will take place during the Session.

In the recent past, there has been discussions with all the Political Parties individually and collectively. It is imperative to ensure that this Session should be utilised for a constructive debate in the larger interests of the public and yet at the same time, detailed discussions should take place on Budget.

For the first time, the Union Budget will be presented on 1st February. You may recall that earlier the Union Budget was presented at 5.00 pm. Its timing was changed in the morning when Atal Bihari Vajpayee Government came into power and Budget was presented just after the commencement of the Parliament Session.

Yet another new tradition comes into effect from today. Budget is being presented one month ahead and the rail Budget has now become a part of the Union Budget. There will be extensive debate in the Parliament on this issue and it will also reflect the ensuing benefits from the decision in the days to come. I am optimistic that all political parties will join hands to ensure a healthy debate in the Parliament in the larger public interest.