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PM’s interaction with injured soldiers at Leh Hospital


I have come to salute you all today. You have fought bravely! I had also said a few days ago that the brave-hearts who left us, did not depart without reason. You all have given a befitting reply. You are in a hospital that’s why you may not know that 130 crore citizens are proud of you. Your courage and valour are inspiring the whole new generation and therefore your valour, your courage and what you have done will continue to inspire our younger generation and our countrymen for a long time to come. Considering the global situation, a message has gone to the world about the valour shown by you brave-hearts. The way you stood up to the powers, the world wishes to know who are these brave-hearts? What has been their training? How lofty their sacrifice is? How commendable is their commitment! The world is analyzing your bravery.

I have come today only to salute you. By touching you and seeing you, I am going back with energy and inspiration. And let India be self-reliant; it has never bowed down before any power of the world and will not bow down in the future!

I am able to say this because of the brave mighty friends like you. I salute you. And at the same time I salute your brave mothers who gave birth to valiant warriors you, brought you up and sent you to fight for the country! We can’t thank them enough.


I hope you get well very soon and let’s together move ahead with this idea of ​​discipline and cooperation.

Thank you!