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PM’s Speech on National Youth Day

My greetings to all the young friends of Lucknow! Best wishes to all of you and the youth of the country on National Youth Day.

This day is a day of great inspiration for every Indian youth; it is a day for taking new resolutions. On this day, India had received such a zealous entity in the form of Vivekananda that is still energizing our country, constantly inspiring us and showing us the way forward.


Swami Vivekananda viewed the youth of India as a strong link to a glorious past and a grand future. Vivekananda used to say that all power is within you, call upon that power. You must believe that you can do everything. This belief in oneself and turning the impossible into possible is still relevant to the youth of the country and I am glad that the youth of India understands this very well. The youth is moving forward with self-believe.

Who is leading the new stream of innovation, incubation and start-up in India today? You all are doing it. The youth of our country is doing it. Today India is among the top three countries of the world’s start-up ecosystem. So whose hard work is behind this? Yours; the youth of the country like you is behind it. Today, India has become the third largest country in the world to create new companies of more than one billion dollars producing unicorns. So whose strength is behind this? You, the youth of my country!


Before 2014, there was an average of four thousand patents per year in our country. Now the number has increased to more than 15 thousand patents annually, that is, almost four times. Whose hard-work is behind this? Friends, I repeat, you are the ones! The youngsters like you and the strength of the youth like you is behind this!


Setting up 26 thousand new startups can be the dream of any country in the world. This dream has come true in India today. So, the strength and the dreams of the youth of India are behind it. And even more importantly, the youth of India have linked their dreams with the needs of the country as well as with the hopes and aspirations of the country. Youth of India are filled with the feeling today that ‘the work of building the nation is mine, it is for me and I have to do it’.


The youth of the country are creating new Apps today so that it benefits not only them but also the countrymen. Today, the youth of the country, through technology, through the Hackathons, are using their brains for solving thousands of problems of the country; searching for solutions and providing solutions. Today, according to the changing nature of jobs, the youth of the country are starting new ventures, working themselves, taking risks with courage and giving work to others.

Today the youth of the country are not concerned with who started what scheme. They are coming forward to lead. Our youth are leading the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Today, the youth of the country look forward to the removal of plastic from the surroundings, homes, neighbourhood, city and beaches.


Today a New India is being built with the ability of the youth of the country; a New India that has ‘Ease of Doing Business’ and ‘Ease of Living’ too; a New India which does not have a ‘Lalbatti’ or VIP culture; in which every human being is equal and every human being is important; a New India with opportunities and an entire sky to fly.


Today this period of 21st century, this decade of 21st century has brought a great fortune for India. We are fortunate that most of India’s population is below 35 years of age. Several important decisions have been taken in India in the recent past and many policies have been made so that we can take full advantage of this opportunity. A massive effort to make youth power truly a national power is being made in the country today. Youth are being helped in every way from skill development to MUDRA loan. Be it start-up India, stand-up India, fit India campaign or Khelo India, everything is focused on the youth.

We also have an emphasis on active participation of youth in leadership and in decision making. You must have heard that recently I have got an opportunity to launch five ‘young scientist labs’ related to defence research in DRDO. In these labs, the entire leadership from research to management has been given to scientists under 35 years of age. You would have never heard of handing over the responsibility of such important labs to the youth below the age of 35 years. But this is our thinking; this is our approach. We are constantly working to replicate this kind of experiment in every sector and at every level.


Youngsters have an amazing ability to find innovative solutions to problems. This fresh thinking also teaches us to make decisions that are impossible to even think about. This thinking tells us to face the problems and solve them. The country is also following this thinking. Today, Article 370 has been removed in Jammu and Kashmir; the age-old controversy over Ram Janma bhumi has ended; the law against triple talaq has been made, the Citizenship (Amendment) Act is a reality today. There was also a mindset in which the country used to sit silently after a terrorist attack. But now you have seen surgical strikes and air strikes.


Our government is with the youth; it is with the youthful spirits and youthful dreams. Your success will also accomplish the resolve of a strong, capable and prosperous India. And on this occasion today, I also want to make a request to you. And I am requesting you because I trust you. I urge you to make the country successful under your leadership and this resolution becomes our responsibility on Vivekananda Jayanti.

You all know that the year 2022 will mark 75 years of our independence. The freedom fighters of the country had cherished the dream of a prosperous India and had sacrificed their lives for the country. To fulfil the dreams of those great men, we have to do many things. I urge you today, I urge the youth; I urge you with the expectation to spread the movement across the country. Till 2022, can we buy only local products as much as possible? By doing this, you will help one of your young friends. I conclude my speech with the hope and desire that you become successful in your goals and in your lives.

Once again, on National Youth Day, I wish you all the very best and bow down at the feet of Shri Vivekananda, the great son of Bharat Mata.

Thanks a lot!