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PM visits Airbus Facility and CNES in Toulouse; pays homage at World War-1 memorial in Neuve-Chapelle

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The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, on Saturday visited the Airbus Facility at Toulouse. He was briefed on Indian companies involved in the Airbus Supply Chain, and interacted briefly with Indian employees at Airbus.

The Prime Minister also visited the CNES – National Centre for Space Studies in Toulouse. He briefly interacted with post-graduate students of Indian origin at the venue.

The Prime Minister paid homage at the World War-1 memorial in Neuve Chapelle, to honour around 4700 Indian soldiers who laid down their lives in battles in France and Belgium during World War-1. “Our soldiers who fought in foreign lands in the Great War, have won the admiration of the world for dedication, loyalty, courage and sacrifice. I salute them,” the Prime Minister wrote in the visitor’s book at the memorial.

He also met youth of Indian origin who had gathered outside the memorial at Neuve Chapelle. “Shaheedon Amar Raho,” he urged the youth to chant with him.