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Telephone Conversation between PM and the Federal Chancellor of Germany

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi had a telephone conversation today with Her Excellency Dr. Angela Merkel, Federal Chancellor of Germany.

The two leaders discussed the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the situation in their respective countries, and the importance of international collaboration for fighting the health crisis.

They shared views on the inadequate availability of medicines and medical equipment required during the pandemic, and agreed to explore avenues of cooperation in this regard.

The German Chancellor agreed with Prime Minister that the COVID-19 pandemic is an important turning point in modern history, and offers an opportunity to forge a new vision of globalisation focused on the shared interests of humanity as a whole.

Prime Minister informed Her Excellency the Chancellor about the recent Indian initiatives to disseminate simple yoga exercises and immunity-enhancing Ayurvedic remedies for people of the world.  The Chancellor agreed that such practices could be very beneficial for enhancing psychological and physical health, especially under the present lockdown conditions.